by Tammy

hi! we're a plural system. if you don't know what that is, check out The Plurality Playbook written for Google employees: it's our favorite plurality resource

in short, we're a group of minds taking turns in one body, and we often struggle to recall each other's memories. we operate democratically, so major decisions take time

we refer to each other as either headmates or ghosts, depending on how silly we feel. any of us can be called by our legal name Mazzy or our toki pona name len, but it's better to use our own names if you can

here's a few ghosts out of about 30:

a sullen child with long black hair


our current host/primary fronter. generally displeased, but gets things done. fae likes neopronouns, but none in particular. have fun with how you refer to em!

an androgynous windswept girl with brown hair


our caretaker and housekeeper. has a deep love for our social and emotional bonds. her patience and attentiveness also make her surprisingly good at games and technical tasks

a curious girl with pinkish red hair


soft and silly. extra dysphoric and afraid of heights. responsible for several of our brain tricks as regards fronting. she often fronts on Wednesdays

a pure black girl with greenish-yellow hair


a goopy, shadowy bird girl. she's more comfortable in headspace than the front. can be pronounced like Zina or Zeina

a pale girl with blue hair


the first of our fictives, still trying to find her own voice. often brought to front by her source material, Rei Ayanami

a spooky black wolflike dog


formerly a shell for a lot our our depression and loneliness, until it discovered itself as a furry. a pretty big black jackal-dogthing with some devil attributes. she's very sweet